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KANNIVALISM: A Fan Community
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Welcome to KANNIVALISM, a fan community for the newly-revived band. The band is still in its beginning stages, so keep an eye out here for developing news.

Current Lineup:

Vocals: 怜 (Ryou)
Band History: Clarity→kannivalism→バロック→baroque→kannivalism

Guitar: 圭 (Kei)
Band History: 蜉蝣ローディ→Clarity→kannivalism→バロック→baroque→kannivalism

Bass: 裕地 (Yuchi)
Band History: シルエット→kannivalism→k@mikaze→kannivalism


-Please clearly mark any rumors as such. We wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea about information that isn't confirmed yet.
-Stay on topic--direct any inquiries about Kei and Ryou's former band, baroque, to the baroque community: tokyo_stripper
-Even though I've never had an issue with arguing in either community, I still have to say it--debates are fine, but outright attacks are not. Making a post about how "so-and-so fan sucks and should die" is absolutely not allowed, and will result in an automatic ban.
-Please keep ALL media posts friends locked.


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